Original GT W/ Power Steering, Vinyl Top, Cold A/C, Pony Interior, AM 8 Track

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Technical specifications

Type:A Code GT 2 Door Sedan
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Transmission:Original C4 Automatic
Interior Color:Black
Engine:Original 289 4V V8
Number of Cylinders:8
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First of all, thank you for viewing my auction. This car has an amazing history from day one. I first met this car and the original owner at the 30th Anniversary on the Mustang in Charlotte, NC in 1994. I vividly remember looking at the car, which looked like a really nice, original GT-350H, until I looked at the interior and saw it had a Rally Pack and Pony Interior ( Rally Pack with tach and clock, and Pony Interior not available on 66 Shelby's), The hood was not open. On the description in the windshield, It said " Original Owner, Original Paint, 13K Original Miles". The owner was a elderly man, sitting behind the car in a lounge chair. I remember asking him why he added the Rally Pack and Pony Interior to a Hertz GT-350. He then proceeded to explain the history of this car to me for a solid hour!!  Long story short, The car was used as a press car for Ford in late 65 and early 66 for various auto shows on the Eastern Hemisphere and for display/testing. I have the window sticker showing the car was sold to "Ford Motor Company" and showing the options it came with new. I was familiar with the DSO 84 " Home Office Reserve" cars as I had a 68 Big Block Mustang GT that I have owned for years (still own it) that was also a DSO 84 car. He told me after the car was done making its rounds as a press car, display car, and magazine carzz, being that it was issued a VIN ( those that were not, and some even issued a VIN, were subsequently crushed), it was sent to a Ford auction where he purchased it (as a Ford exec) with 400ish miles, and figured it would be a fun to have. He even had a few ads and articles that the car was used in from then with various color stripes and emblems that were changed over its time (very common for Ford to do this to make it look like they used a different car for each test) Shortly after, he got a memo from Shelby American, that they needed a black fastback for photos and press for the GT350H program out east. I remember during my long friendship with Carroll, pertaining to a Lime Gold 67 GT500 I used to own, that it was common then for cars to be needed for photo shoots and if a car wasn't available for magazines, or photographers, that sometimes cars were substituted to make a deadline. My Lime Gold 67 Shelby/GT390 I had years ago was actually, originally a 67 GT390 car that was retrofitted with all the body parts, but not the engine, or full interior. The parts that would show up for photos were done, but not well, Roll bar/shoulder harnesses and all body parts/wheels were done, and the tops of the Ivy Gold (green) interior were spray dyed black. I sold that car for $20K back in 1999 or so, and now it is considered famous!!  Back to this car.a pallet of parts was sent (most of which are still on this car) and he was asked to change out the pony interior for a standard interior (like on the 66 Shelby's) and to have the gold GT350H over the top stripes and side stripes done, Magnum 500's, gas cap, emblems, quarter windows, functional side scoops, fiberglass/metal framed hood, hood pins, dash mounted tach, etc to make it look like their west coast GT350 Hertz display vehicle for advertising.. He complied with the stripes, gas cap, quarter windows, hood, emblems, wheels, side scoops (even made functional) then ran out of time. He was also paid $500 for his time and material/labor to have all done. Console was also removed and the car went to an auto show, not done to Shelby's request. Shelby was really mad. Rally Pack, Pony Interior were never changed and he never installed the tach on the dash pad, or cut the hood for the hood pins. Apparently, people were confused with its' configuration and thought they could get a GT350, or rent a GT350H with Pony interior and a Rally Pack. At this point, the car was never asked back to be used to showcase the GT350H at any show. THIS IS THAT CAR!! I told the owner that I really liked the car, its amazing original condition, and the story, and if he ever wanted to sell it to give me a call and gave him my business card. I told him I owned and had owned many Shelby's up to that point (about 100 by then that I bought and sold) He told me he would never sell it, we shook hands and that was it for then. Fast forward to the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang in 2004 in Nashville, TN. There is this car, again, and a 10 year more elderly owner sitting behind the car, this time with " Original Paint, Owner, 14K Miles and NOT FOR SALE!!", I walked up to him, shook his hand and could tell he had obviously had a stroke. He remembered me and proceeded to talk about the car for another solid hour. At this point, I didn't dare ask him if it was for sale, but asked him how he maintained, drove and stored the car over the years with such low miles. He explained that the car was parked in his garage on a tarp with rice on it ( to keep humidity/moisture from rusting undercarriage, etc) and that he kept the garage heated hotter than his house. He also explained that he trailered the car with his F-250 in an enclosed trailer for the past 35 or so years. I asked him when he drove it and he replied, "only on the nicest of days ". I tried to hand him my card, and he told me he already had it. That was the last time I saw him, in April of 2004 in Nashville. He apparently passed away shortly after. I purchased the car after seeing it advertised a year ago or so and remembering the 111800 VIN #. The history since then is what I have been told by the person I purchased it from. He bought it from a gentleman that bought it from the original owner at 14.3K miles.  Owner 3 bought it at $16K ish  (so owner 2 put under 2K on it). Owner 3 had the paint job done in the black with silver stripes as you see here now. He says he spent over $10K having it done all in IMRON (used in aerospace and very expensive and durable) and that no body work or body panel replacement was needed. Paint was done right, and I agree. It still looks fantastic today. He had the silver Shelby stripes buried under many coats of IMRON clear coat and color sanded and buffed to a perfect shine. He had the original engine (down to the original Autolite carb and air cleaner) removed to install a $8500 Roush crate motor with GT40 cylinder heads which is still in the car now. Original, untouched, all original and complete A code motor comes with the car. He also removed the original 4 speed toploader, and added rack and pinion steering, Genuine Coys wheels (17X7" front, 18X8" rear), and Dynamatted the whole interior, inside of doors and trunk to make the car quiet inside and planned on giving it to his 18 year old son for graduation. A built C-4 Automatic was put in it for him to drive. The son drove it one time and did not drive it again, where as I found it advertised and secured it for purchase. I feel I rescued this car from being destroyed!! I bought the car with 17,885 miles.  

When the car arrived I was REALLY disappointed!! I had it shipped by enclosed transport from Alabama to CA. I drove it around up and down my shop street once and realized why his son did not want it!! The car was very unbalanced, especially with the 4000 stall torque converter. Basically, the engine would rev until 4K RPM before it would move, not exactly optimum for a street car. In addition, he changed the front brakes to different discs and calipers, and added a power brake booster that was not able to stop the car with the limited vacuum of the engine. When I put the car on my lift I almost threw up seeing what he did.entire underside was sprayed with $5 per can undercoating over EVERYTHING!!! Suspension, exhaust, engine, transmission, floor pans, etc. It was literally on everything and inches thick. All bolts and lines were crudded up with the undercoating.  My original plan was to just power wash it all off, put a Tremec 5 speed in it, add rear disc brakes, and drive/enjoy it.well $40K+ in parts, materials, and worker's labor (+ original purchase price), it is now what you see here and all done right for go, show and driving where it actually drives like a much newer car with no leaks, rattles, or issues. See below for what I ended up doing. I am both a PS and TRS on ebay, which less than 1% of seller are, and have a 100% positive feedback score, so have no worries. Please take the time to allow the 300+ detailed photos to load (scroll down and over to the right), it IS WELL WORTH the wait, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases). If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture. This is the type of person I am looking for. I have a few videos I can email you too of the car running and driving. I can help arrange reasonable cost, enclosed shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states with a shipper I have used for years with no issues. If  exported, I will be happy to deliver the car to the Long Beach Port. 

  All original Ford chrome has been triple chrome plated (copper, nickle, chrome, original was single chrome), including usually looked over, vent window frames, which are pot metal and very hard to chrome, but they are perfect. . All original stainless trim re-polished. The only reproduction parts that I am aware of on the outside of this car are the outside door handles where as the American made Scott Drake reproductions that are actually better than the Ford originals in both finish, and function. Car still has all the original Carlite glass, including the windshield. No pits or chips and has original Carlite etchings and date codes.  New American made weatherstrips installed through out the entire car. I do have a hood pin kit that I will include with the car if you choose to install them (didn't want to cut the rare original Shelby hood). Original Shelby fiberglass/metal hood, quarter windows, side mirror, functional side scoops, export brace, and Monte Carlo bar alone are worth over $10K for all of them, and NO, sorry, I will not sell them separately as several people have already asked, quite a few times now. Car has super bright halogen headlights and clear parking light lenses installed with amber bulbs. You can actually SEE when driving, unlike when new. Original front valance has license plate indent welded up and smoothed for a cleaner, sleeker look. Only 1.8% of all 1966 Mustangs were painted Raven Black and only 7889 Fastbacks left the factory with Pony Interior (Interior Decor Group). This also is an original GT A code car which is also rare. It has the original buck tag that shows PIO,  fog light switch still in place on the dash, proper duel exhaust floor pan plates under rear seats, and holes in the radiator support for the fog light wires still. It is also very hard to find a car such as this with all its original body panels and floor pans/aprons. Most manual transmission GT cars were beat up and rusted away long ago. Most you find for sale have import replacement junk all over them! I posted the Door tag if you choose to decode, just Google "1966 Mustang Data Plate Decoder" if you don't already know the codes. This listing is long enough as it is, I don't need to add another paragraph explaining what many already know. I feel like I am writing a novel already!!    

I am very aware of all the junk out there. I look at them and appraise them all the time. This car is not one of them. It is solid, reliable, starts the first time and every time, does not overheat, stumble, rattle, or drive like an old car. All areas have been addressed to where you can drive it every day if you so choose to. It does not cut out, buck, run hot, hard to slow down, hard to steer, or have issues you would expect from most old vehicles. I can't stand driving most of them, and realistically, most people do not either. This car drives much like a much newer car and is fun to drive, where you look forward to driving again, not dreading it.If you've ever driven an older car with 4 wheel drum brakes, or even manual disc front brakes, you know what I am talking about. This car has 4 wheel, POWER disc brakes, front and rear and stops like a brand new car with out requiring the effort of older cars. Steering too is nimble and precise with the rack and pinion steering, not all over the road like these cars were new. It does not wander or track the road even at 85 MPH on terrible CA freeways. With the extra padding in the seats, they are comfortable for long trips, the R134 A/C will freeze you out of this car. I'm telling you, this car runs, drives, handles, brakes, and performs, like a new car, where you enjoy driving it. It sounds great too. Deep burble out of the exhaust, with out transmitting inside. Email me for videos as I can't get them to load here.  I'm also not opposed to changing anything (with in reason) on the car for a serious buyer at an added cost. My shop can do anything your heart and bank account desires. 

Underside: I have owned a Mustang shop for over 20 years and am very familiar with these cars. I have bought, sold, worked on, and owned over 2500 Mustangs over the years. This car was completely taken apart on my shop's lift. It took a huge amount of time, stress, irritation, and effort as the sprayed on undercoating was done so thick! When it was reduced to the bare carcass, I had the choice to have underside media blasted or chemically dip the whole car. I chose neither as I didn't feel disassembling the whole car would do it justice, and it would destroy the really nice Imron exterior paint job that was so well done, so my workers and I spent over 4 months, just stripping it manually using solvents, scrapers, and lots of time. When down to the original red oxide primer, we basically scuffed, re-seam sealed, and re-sprayed in the exact match red oxide epoxy primer. Frame rails, and floor pans were really nice after all the undercoat was removed. Nothing on this whole car is done with a spray can. Everything, regardless of cost or time, was done properly as if I was going to keep it forever. Only the best available materials were used. 3 coats of epoxy red oxide primer was done on the floor pans over the new seam sealer to make it 10X more durable than factory. All the drop offs, frame rails, aprons, and floor pans are original, and just re-seam sealed and red oxided after removing all the horrible spray can undercoating. Rear wheel wells and inside of front fenders and aprons were sprayed with durable (and great for sound deadening) truck bed liner material. Car also has new Traction Master under ride traction bars (original Shelby supplier), Global West sub frame connectors, all suspension new, new rack and pinion steering (could not get all the undercoating off previous owner's installed steering rack, so I bought a new one), all new stainless steel brake lines and fuel lines, new stainless parking brake cables that were custom made and work perfectly with the 12" rear disc brakes, 5 leaf mid eye rear leaf springs, adjustable rear sway bar,  600lb front coil springs, KYB shocks all the way around, and all polyurethane bushings. Car was aligned when finished and drives and steers like a new car now! Everything under the car is painted, powdercoated, or plated to be durable and long lasting. I have put almost 2K miles on the car since completion and you can see from all my pictures how well everything has held up and no leaks or seaps of any kind. This is a very well sorted, well planned car where you are not buying someone else's problems. Suspension is tight, but still smooth. It handles like it is on rails. Car does not wander and is not all over the road like most old Mustangs are. This car has been built to drive and enjoy. With the 5 speed transmission this car is only at less than 2500 RPM at 70 MPH!! Nothing overlooked for fit, finish, function, reliability, and longevity.                                  

Engine: As stated above, Roush crate engine was installed by previous owner, it runs great, sounds great, and has no flat spots or hesitations. Original A code engine comes with the car, complete from air cleaner to oil pan with original Autolite 4100 carburetor. Being that this engine ran excellent, but had undercoating sprayed ALL over the bottom (and partial sides) of it, and the miserable C-4 Automatic with 4K stall converter (sold), I had my workers remove it (see pictures) to re-seal and detail. Engine has a nice rumpity rump custom ground roller camshaft, 3 bar GT-40 cylinder heads, all stainless steel custom bent and one off brake/fuel lines, electric fuel pump, so no vapor lock. It starts the first time, every time. Ford Racing aluminum roller rockers, all new Fel-Pro Gaskets, water pump, had the Edelbrock intake manifold bead blasted and powder coated with a clear coat, Ford Racing polished valve covers and air cleaner (Ford Blue in engraving inserts) with K&N cleanable air cleaner element, 170 degree thermostat, Edelbrock 650 CFM carburetor with idle speed compensater for A/C (bumps idle up when A/C is on), polished billet one wire alternator, Old Air Products air conditioning with chrome serpentine Sanden (no horsepower draw with A/C on), March billet serpentine belt conversion with tensioners, and idlers, Hooker headers that have been ceramic coated in and out (as is the whole exhaust system), copper (lifetime) header gaskets, Stage 8 stainless steel header bolts, ceramic coated 2.5" pipe with Dynomax mufflers, correct turn down tail pipes. Deep sound with out all the interior noise and no drone!!  Hi-torque starter, heavy duty engine mounts, MSD electronic distributor ( no miserable, constant maintenance points) with back driver's head mounted hi volt MSD coil, MSD 8.5MM plug wires, hardened push rods, Griffin aluminum radiator (distilled water and Prestone coolant used), aluminum coolant overflow tank, electric fan that comes on at 190 degrees with no overheating, new hoses and serpentine belt. Engine runs and performs incredible!! All Royal Purple synthetic fluids through out the whole car. No odd noises or old car,  gutless worries with this car. No overheating or hesitations in any way. Runs very, VERY strong and does not ping on 91 octane pump gas. Like stated before nothing leaks or seaps.

Drivetrain: Tremec 5 Speed manual with .68 Overdrive. Hurst Competition Plus billet short throw shifter with chrome Hurst shift handle and classic white Hurst shift knob with engraved 5 speed shift pattern. Teflon lined Ford Racing adjustable clutch cable. Also has billet firewall adjustment so no need to go under the car to do clutch adjustments. Original pedal assembly upgraded with roller bearings for lighter pedal effort and smoother clutch and brake operation and keeps pedal from sticking and binding like original. Centerforce Duel Friction clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and Ford Racing heavy duty clutch fork. Lakewood blow proof scatter-shield with block plate and stage 8 bolts, hi torque starter, Ford Racing trans yoke, CPC, no drill powdercoated trans mount, original shortened drive-shaft that is also 200 MPH balanced, rear differential has 4 spider geared 3.80 posi (limited slip) in the original heavy duty WAR casting (rear rated for 500+ HP). All new bearings and seals in the original differential case. Original rear housing was acid dipped and powder coated semi gloss black. Front and rear 12" power disc brakes with duel reservoir master cylinder and Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve. Car stops on a dime with ease and is adjusted properly as is the parking brake which holds on an incline with 3 clicks. No drive-train issues (or any) with this car. Everything new or rebuilt from top to bottom, unlike any others out there. No electrical gremlins or issues. You DO get what you pay FOR with this car. You couldn't even build a fastback like this yourself with all these components for less. With original 66 Shelby's bringing $200K+ for nice ones (that you wouldn't want to even drive and enjoy), this is a car with a very unique history that you can not only drive and enjoy, but it will also still go up in value too. NADA Classic Car Blue Book on a 1966 GT Fastback with the options is $72,575, not even accounting for the cars unique history, 19K original miles, the Shelby upgrades, and the other added upgrades to make the car a joy to drive.

Interior: This is, again, another area where this car shines!!! Front seats have extra sport foam, where you don't feel like you are sitting on a cement bench like stock.. Around corners, you will feel held in place and have the option of adjusting the level of recline. One of the worst things of pre-73 Mustangs are the terrible seats. These ones you will be able to handle the long drives for hours or days at a time!! Carpet could possibly be original? (Loop is deeper than all the reproductions I have seen)  New original Ford tooling USA made polished sill plate moldings with Shelby American badges. Nice real wood steering wheel with no cracks and has functional Shelby horn button. I added the aftermarket center console with 2 cup holders and center storage ( original console car, holes are still in the floorpan if you want to put original console back in). Back panels, trap door, and rear panels are original and look great and never cut up and no dents or issues. I added the new side lights and lenses as originals had a few pits. All rear fold down seat trim has been refinished and cost over $1500 to have re-done properly ( no one else is as nuts as me with this detail). Car has new seat belts front and rear. Headliner I believe is original as are the sun visors and mint original dash pad. They are all excellent with no marks or issues. No rips or tears and no old car smell inside. Original AM radio is in the dash, and aftermarket stereo with Bluetooth, USB port, CD player, and remote in glove box with owners manual, stereo manual, and wheel lock key. YES, you can drive this car with no worry of being pulled over for talking on your phone, while listening to what ever you want too!! Has Custom Autosound duel speakers in dash, and 6" speakers in kick panels. I have a Kicker self amplified subwoofer in the trunk but never wired it up, but I will include it with the car. All interior chrome is redone. All interior lights work. Cluster bezel and glove box door have real brushed aluminum inserts (not cheap veneer) as does the underdash A/C unit that will freeze you. Heater also works great. Fresh air vent works properly and doesn't bind or leak. Window regulators are smooth with no binds.  Rally Pack tachometer and clock work great. Cluster has green LED bulbs where you can actually see them at night and white gauge faces. All gauges work. Inside/underside of trunk all Dynamatted too and Auto Custom Carpets top to bottom trunk carpet with spare tire and correct hold down. New Shelby front and rear floor mats. Again, no corners cut on this car. $75K+ invested between purchase price of car, workers labor (not even including my time and labor) , parts and materials to make this car as close to perfection as possible, even when more $'s were spent to keep from going offshore. ALL American on this car

Exterior: See all above. If you need more info, please feel free to message me and I will send you my phone # and we can go over every component of this car. A few of the questions I have been asked so far are as follows: Has anything been welded on the car and not reversible? Two areas have been welded.the sub frame connectors to stiffen and attach front sub frame to rear to reduce chassis flex, they can be removed if you choose and welds ground off. Other area was nuts were spot welded for electric fuel pump. They (2) could be ground off, should you choose to go back to a mechanical pump, but why would anyone do that? Another person asked why the car sits higher in the front. Front springs will settle with more driving and time as they have only been in the car for 2 months now, my experience is to wait, and not cut a 1/2 coil and then be mad in a year when the tires rub. Nothing rubs or bottoms out on this car. One person also noted that there was a screw missing in the passenger's door jamb to secure the edge of door glass seal. I already knew that and installed a correct screw. These are the only concerns worth noting thus far. Others that asked me to sell the original Shelby parts, and one that asked if I would take payments, those I answered, but I will not to both. Also, there are some shadows in the pictures from trees and clouds, come on, there are 300+ pictures in my listing to view every nook and cranny, please don't email me about a water spot or reflection in the paint.                               

Car is available for inspection and can be driven or shipped anywhere. Out of country buyers welcome too, if you arrange shipping. I can have the car delivered to the Long Beach Port, if need be. Clear title in hand.  I have used several reputable shipping companies that are insured and bonded over the years with no issues, and will be happy to arrange for a serious buyer with BUY IT NOW at your expense, or you can fly in and drive it home. Don't wait, once this AMAZING Mustang is scooped up, it is gone and you will never find another like it!! I know I am going to miss it, but my new warehouse is priority right now and a few of my toys need to go.
Please email me with phone # and I will call you with any info you're requesting.  Car is tight with no rattles, leaks, etc. Speedometer doesn't bounce or make noise like most 66's. The underside is as clean as the the rest of the car.The pictures speak for themselves. Paint is very nice and has a great shine too it with no orange peel. There were a few scratches and chips that I had touched up and then color sanded and buffed. Hood has some very small spider webbing in three areas the size of a dime in diameter. You'd be hard pressed to find them unless I pointed them out. Nothing would show up in the pictures even when I tried to zoom in. The reflections in this car are amazing, you could shave in it!  Who ever did the paint job, did a great job, and I am very picky. Imron is very durable and has a deep wet look to it. Please allow the time for the 300+ pictures to load, scroll down, and enjoy!!
This is a beautiful car and PERFECTLY balanced as far as looks, safety, economy, handling, braking, comfort, reliability, and performance!! Re-live your childhood with something you didn't have the means to buy new or replace one you used to own, or add another to your collection of other worthwhile vehicles. This is the most balanced 60's Mustang you will ever drive. Transmission is smooth as silk with no grinds or slips. Clutch is not stiff, and car is easy to steer. Car is very easy to drive. It is much more nimble, fast, and light feeling than any new Mustang. It's easy to maneuver and park, more comfortable, and less expensive to maintain than most other cars. You will not find a nicer one for the money that is this nice and to this caliber of detail and pride of ownership and it will only continue to go up in value 

Any questions, please message me and I will respond promptly. This is a like to sell, not a must sell, or a desperation sale!! I have 30+ high end vehicles in my collection, so it is not the end of the world if this does not sell. Most are $100K+ in my collection.  I did a Buy It Now, so you don't have to bid an and wait, and hope to get it. Outright price for my 66 GT Fastback is $74,999. There is no reserve. No taxes collected by me or any document fees like others charge. I choose to do Buy It Now, fixed price auctions over regular bid auctions because many people put on their watch list, then forget to bid at the last minute, then are upset that they missed it!! Don't miss this one, you will never find another like it!! Deposit of $500 must be made immediately thru Paypal upon the use of BUY IT NOW and remaining balance due with in 3 days of winning auction. Any questions and/or inspections if wanted must be made BEFORE using BUY IT NOW. Please do not use Buy It Now unless you already have the money. You are welcome and encouraged to come and inspect the car or send someone to look at it before buying. I am not a dealer, so no sales tax will be collected by me. Car is sold as is with no warranty by me expressed or implied. Shipping must be paid by the buyer from Palm Springs, CA 92262 or I can help arrange for serious buyers, or you are welcome to fly into Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up, and you can drive the car home. Must be paid for in full with in 3 days. I have the clear title in hand. I work with several shipping companies that offer very reasonable enclosed transport too as well as open. I strongly recommend as nice as this car is and as bad as the weather is in many parts of the country at this time of year to ship enclosed with hard sides so the car arrives to you as you see it here now. Car will not leave and title will not be sent until car is paid in full (and cleared) with either cash upon pick-up, direct deposit, loan check, or cashier's check/money order. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. Check my feedback, I have sold several very high dollar ($200k+) vehicles on ebay over the years with no problems and have a 2240+ positive feedback score and am not only a PS, but a TRS. Less than 1% of sellers have achieved this status selling on eBay, so you can trust how I describe what I am selling by the feedback I have received by those that have purchased from me that give these ratings. I reserve the right to end this auction early as the car is advertised on several other sites and publications, so if you want it, use BUY IT NOW before someone else buys it!! If you can not meet these simple requirements, please do not use Buy It Now and waste your time, mine, and others that are serious. I am VERY picky with all my vehicles. Again, I have 30+ vehicles and none are a must sell, just trying to free up some space as I can barely walk in my warehouses they are so full and could use the money for my new warehouse building project that has gone considerably over budget. I am not interested in magazine coverage, picture collectors, or time wasters that just want to come and look at my collection. 
In summary: EVERYTHING works!! No burnt out bulbs anywhere. This GT Fastback runs and drives excellent and has never been abused. There are no odd odors, odd rattles, or odd noises. You can drive this car anywhere with confidence, with out worry that you wont make it. Mileage may also vary minimally as car may be driven for test drives and/or inspections and I do drive it sometimes. Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer promptly. This is not your average $35K-40K GT Mustang that you can find that needs $$$$ worth of work and still won't be as nice as this one with the special options, special paint, and tasteful upgrades. No 66 Fastback compares to THIS car!!!  My original GT Fastback  is a no excuse, honest car, that needs nothing. It will only continue to go up in value if kept in this condition. Vehicles such as this from my experience are a much more solid investment than the stock market. They can only keep going up in value when in the condition and desirability of this one. Remember, you get what you pay for, this car does not need ANYTHING!! The paint and color combination is simply stunning and the options and upgrades make it a pleasure to drive. No excuses, issues, or stories. Have a great day and thank you for looking and (hopefully) reading my long description..I just want to be thorough. Each time I think of something else, I revise the listing, add more pictures, and before I know it, it ends up this long!! Very few read what I end up writing, but I write what I do for those that are serious so you can feel 100% confident in knowing what you are getting.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and have a great day. :)
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